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High Rate Server

Aria is a high rate server, the XP rate is 1250x. Aria is a highly customized server with over 9 years of design experience to create and enhance both the PvP and PvE experience. When we made this current Aria it was based on listening to the players and interacting with them. Also we took the time observing game play as well as beta testing the ideas of our players.

Server is designed for PvP

We spent a lot of time to develop and enhance the usability of many of the core areas and game elements. Our focus also helps improve the game for lower skilled players as well, so new players can play too.

Fast Leveling

Unlike other servers, the XP and SP rates for lower levels mob are proportionately than higher level mobs. This means new players can level faster and it makes it easier to power level your buffers.

That Classic Old School Experience

You will get that Classic old school experience on Aria! If your bored of the that new heavy bloated complex junk then Aria is the server for you. iA gives you that 2004-2005 experience old school style with a fresh modern edge.

Good and Simple Crafting

On Aria we have a simple farming and crafting system. All crafting is single layer and can be done at the NPCs.

Innovated Adena System

Our custom adena system is designed to improve the usability of adena. All mobs drop 100 adena, but the prices all of the items are lower and using smaller numbers benefits the players making it easier to calculate adena values of items, grear and more.


With our custom ingame IRC chat system, you can see ingame the chat from IRC and webchat so you can always chat with your friends and brag about your achievements and conquests!

Busy with school or work? Aria is for you!

The high rates, easy crafting and custom areas make it easy for those to play with limited time. No need for farm for a long time, on Aria you can level up and farm max items quickly.

Don't delay, join today!

Join Aria today, you can create a free account right now! Feel free to join our webchat anytime, you are welcome to join. We are looking forward to seeing you!

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