Illicit Awakening
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Total Skills:173

Level 1
IconLevelSkill NameLevelType
1Expertise C2Passive
1Weight Limit1Passive

Level 5
IconLevelSkill NameLevelType
5Armor Mastery1Passive
5Power Shot1Active
5Power Shot2Active
5Power Shot3Active
5Weapon Mastery1Passive

Level 10
IconLevelSkill NameLevelType
10Armor Mastery2Passive
10Armor Mastery3Passive
10Power Shot4Active
10Power Shot5Active
10Power Shot6Active
10Weapon Mastery2Passive

Level 15
IconLevelSkill NameLevelType
15Armor Mastery4Passive
15Armor Mastery5Passive
15Power Shot7Active
15Power Shot8Active
15Power Shot9Active
15Weapon Mastery3Passive

Level 20
IconLevelSkill NameLevelType
20Bow Mastery1Passive
20Double Shot1Active
20Hawk Eye1Toggle
20Light Armor Mastery1Passive
20Long Shot1Passive
20Power Shot10Active
20Power Shot11Active
20Power Shot12Active
20Stun Shot1Active
20Vital Force1Passive

Level 24
IconLevelSkill NameLevelType
24Boost Evasion1Passive
24Critical Power1Passive
24Power Shot13Active
24Power Shot14Active
24Power Shot15Active

Level 28
IconLevelSkill NameLevelType
28Critical Chance1Passive
28Power Shot16Active
28Power Shot17Active
28Power Shot18Active
28Ultimate Evasion1Active

Level 30
IconLevelSkill NameLevelType
30Acrobatic Move1Passive
30Bow Mastery2Passive
30Double Shot2Active
30Light Armor Mastery2Passive
30Quick Step1Passive
30Stun Shot2Active

Level 32
IconLevelSkill NameLevelType
32Critical Power2Passive
32Hawk Eye2Toggle
32Power Shot19Active
32Power Shot20Active
32Power Shot21Active
32Rapid Shot1Toggle

Level 36
IconLevelSkill NameLevelType
36Boost Attack Speed1Passive
36Power Shot22Active
36Power Shot23Active
36Power Shot24Active

Level 40
IconLevelSkill NameLevelType
40Boost HP1Passive
40Bow Mastery3Passive
40Double Shot3Active
40Light Armor Mastery3Passive
40Long Shot2Passive
40Soul of Sagittarius1Toggle
40Stun Shot3Active
40Vital Force2Passive

Level 46
IconLevelSkill NameLevelType
46Hawk Eye3Toggle

Level 49
IconLevelSkill NameLevelType
49Boost HP2Passive

Level 50
IconLevelSkill NameLevelType
50Acrobatic Move2Passive
50Bow Mastery4Passive
50Double Shot4Active
50Light Armor Mastery4Passive
50Quick Step2Passive
50Soul of Sagittarius2Toggle
50Stun Shot4Active

Level 52
IconLevelSkill NameLevelType

Level 55
IconLevelSkill NameLevelType
55Boost HP3Passive
55Bow Mastery5Passive
55Double Shot5Active
55Expertise B3Passive
55Hawk Eye4Toggle
55Light Armor Mastery5Passive
55Rapid Shot2Toggle
55Stun Shot5Active

Level 60
IconLevelSkill NameLevelType
60Boost HP4Passive
60Bow Mastery6Passive
60Double Shot6Active
60Light Armor Mastery6Passive
60Soul of Sagittarius3Toggle
60Stun Shot6Active
60Vital Force3Passive

Level 62
IconLevelSkill NameLevelType
62Boost Attack Speed2Passive
62Bow Mastery7Passive
62Double Shot7Active
62Light Armor Mastery7Passive
62Stun Shot7Active

Level 64
IconLevelSkill NameLevelType
64Acrobatic Move3Passive
64Boost HP5Passive
64Bow Mastery8Passive
64Double Shot8Active
64Hawk Eye5Toggle
64Light Armor Mastery8Passive
64Soul of Sagittarius4Toggle
64Stun Shot8Active
64Vital Force4Passive

Level 66
IconLevelSkill NameLevelType
66Bow Mastery9Passive
66Double Shot9Active
66Light Armor Mastery9Passive
66Stun Shot9Active

Level 68
IconLevelSkill NameLevelType
68Boost HP6Passive
68Bow Mastery10Passive
68Double Shot10Active
68Light Armor Mastery10Passive
68Stun Shot10Active
68Vital Force5Passive

Level 70
IconLevelSkill NameLevelType
70Boost Attack Speed3Passive
70Bow Mastery11Passive
70Double Shot11Active
70Expertise A4Passive
70Hawk Eye6Toggle
70Light Armor Mastery11Passive
70Soul of Sagittarius5Toggle
70Stun Shot11Active

Level 72
IconLevelSkill NameLevelType
72Boost HP7Passive
72Bow Mastery12Passive
72Double Shot12Active
72Light Armor Mastery12Passive
72Stun Shot12Active
72Vital Force6Passive

Level 74
IconLevelSkill NameLevelType
74Bow Mastery13Passive
74Double Shot13Active
74Light Armor Mastery13Passive
74Stun Shot13Active

Level 76
IconLevelSkill NameLevelType
76Boost HP8Passive
76Bow Mastery14Passive
76Critical Power3Passive
76Double Shot14Active
76Expertise S5Passive
76Hawk Eye7Toggle
76Light Armor Mastery14Passive
76Soul of Sagittarius6Toggle
76Stun Shot14Active
76Vital Force7Passive

Level 78
IconLevelSkill NameLevelType
78Boost Attack Speed4Passive
78Boost HP9Passive
78Bow Mastery15Passive
78Double Shot15Active
78Light Armor Mastery15Passive
78Rapid Shot3Toggle
78Stun Shot15Active

Level 80
IconLevelSkill NameLevelType
80Boost Attack Speed5Passive
80Boost HP10Passive
80Bow Mastery16Passive
80Critical Power4Passive
80Double Shot16Active
80Hawk Eye8Toggle
80Illicit Awakening1Passive
80Light Armor Mastery16Passive
80Long Shot3Passive
80Rapid Shot4Toggle
80Soul of Sagittarius7Toggle
80Stun Shot16Active
80Vital Force8Passive

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