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Setup Guide for Windows 7 x64 Setup Guide for Windows 8 x64
Setup Guide for Windows 7 x86 Setup Guide for Windows 8 x86
Setup Guide for Windows 7 64-bit Setup Guide for Windows 8 64-bit
Setup Guide for Windows 7 32-bit Setup Guide for Windows 8 32-bit


Welcome to Illicit Awakening - the best server for old school style. Players in enjoy the old school traditional style of private server game play from the 2004 and 2005 game era. Illicit Awakening is a complex game and the old school version is much more different then the current or middle area games.

We strongly recommend that you read through this entire website, as the information contained herein will greatly increase your playing enjoyment and understanding of the old school style.

No Patch. You do not need a patch to play on Illicit Awakening. And there is no patch for Illicit Awakening, you will use our game installer to setup and download the game.


First you will need to download the installer. Click here to download the installer!

The installer is about 460 KB. It is a Win32 portable executable file "*.exe".


When you run the installer, you will need to "Run as administrator". By default it should run in this mode. If you are using Windows XP you can just run it normally. It will ask you agree to the terms once it is open.

After you click "I Accpet the agreement", you click "Next".

Then it will give you two options, the first and default option is called "Standard". This will install iA c3 to your system drive. If you choose the second option "Custom" it will allow you to select any folder you wish to install iA c3 to.

After you select which option you want you click "Next".

Now the installer will create the folders if they do not already exist. Then it will download a portable unrar.exe and then it will download the auto updaters. After it downloads the auto updaters, it will unrar them into the iA c3 folder.

Once the downloads and unrar stuff is finshed, it will say "Installation Accoplished". Now you click "Finsh" and the auto updater will open.


If just finshed installing the game auto updater opens. But if you wish to auto update manually you can run the auto updater by going to the your iA c3 folder.

By default the folder is "C:\ia_c3" (when C is your system drive).

Once the auto updater it open, it will check all the game files. If you are missing any files it will auto download them. They are downloaded to the memory as .rar files once the download is finshed they are written to the disk and unrared.

The Auto updater is a windows console application, there are 3 versions of the auto updater. The x64 version is for 64-bit, the x86 version for 32-bit and the i386 version for legacy support. You should only use the i386 version if they other two are not working.

The Auto updater will download the whole game, if you are installing from new.


After the auto updater is done and all files are checked and downloaded you can the run the game.

You can run the game by the desktop shortcut called "iA c3" or going to the iA c3 "system" folder.

Such as C:\ia_c3\system.


If you need more help you can join webchat or post on our forums.

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