Illicit Awakening
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Total Skills:320

Level 1
IconLevelSkill NameLevelType
1Aura Flare1Active
1Expertise C2Passive
1Hydro Blast1Active
1Magician's Movement1Passive
1Mana Recovery1Passive
1Self Heal1Active
1Weight Limit1Passive

Level 5
IconLevelSkill NameLevelType

Level 7
IconLevelSkill NameLevelType
7Armor Mastery1Passive

Level 10
IconLevelSkill NameLevelType
10Frost Bolt1Active
10Ice Dagger1Active

Level 14
IconLevelSkill NameLevelType
14Armor Mastery2Passive
14Armor Mastery3Passive

Level 20
IconLevelSkill NameLevelType
20Anti Magic1Passive
20Aura Flare2Active
20Boost Mana1Passive
20Curse: Weakness1Active
20Fast HP Recovery1Passive
20Frost Bolt2Active
20Higher Mana Gain1Passive
20Hydro Blast2Active
20Ice Dagger2Active
20Quick Recovery1Passive
20Resist Aqua1Toggle
20Robe Mastery1Passive
20Solar Flare1Active
20Surrender To Water1Active
20Weapon Mastery1Passive

Level 25
IconLevelSkill NameLevelType
25Fast Mana Recovery1Passive
25Fast Spell Casting1Passive

Level 30
IconLevelSkill NameLevelType
30Anti Magic2Passive
30Aura Bolt1Active
30Aura Flare3Active
30Boost Mana2Passive
30Curse: Weakness2Active
30Frost Bolt3Active
30Higher Mana Gain2Passive
30Hydro Blast3Active
30Ice Dagger3Active
30Mana Regeneration1Active
30Quick Recovery2Passive
30Robe Mastery2Passive
30Solar Flare2Active
30Surrender To Water2Active
30Weapon Mastery2Passive

Level 35
IconLevelSkill NameLevelType
35Fast Mana Recovery2Passive

Level 40
IconLevelSkill NameLevelType
40Anti Magic3Passive
40Aura Bolt2Active
40Aura Flare4Active
40Boost Mana3Passive
40Clear Mind1Passive
40Curse: Weakness3Active
40Fast HP Recovery2Passive
40Fast Spell Casting2Passive
40Freezing Shackle1Active
40Frost Bolt4Active
40Higher Mana Gain3Passive
40Hydro Blast4Active
40Ice Dagger4Active
40Mana Regeneration2Active
40Resist Aqua2Toggle
40Robe Mastery3Passive
40Sleeping Cloud1Active
40Solar Flare3Active
40Surrender To Water3Active
40Weapon Mastery3Passive

Level 44
IconLevelSkill NameLevelType
44Aura Flare5Active
44Fast Mana Recovery3Passive
44Frost Bolt5Active
44Hydro Blast5Active
44Ice Dagger5Active

Level 48
IconLevelSkill NameLevelType
48Aura Flare6Active
48Frost Bolt6Active
48Hydro Blast6Active
48Ice Dagger6Active
48Quick Recovery3Passive

Level 50
IconLevelSkill NameLevelType
50Anti Magic4Passive
50Aura Bolt3Active
50Boost Mana4Passive
50Clear Mind2Passive
50Curse: Weakness4Active
50Greater Concentration3Toggle
50Higher Mana Gain4Passive
50Robe Mastery4Passive
50Solar Flare4Active
50Surrender To Water4Active
50Weapon Mastery4Passive

Level 52
IconLevelSkill NameLevelType
52Aura Flare7Active
52Fast Mana Recovery4Passive
52Frost Bolt7Active
52Hydro Blast7Active
52Ice Dagger7Active
52Mana Regeneration3Active

Level 55
IconLevelSkill NameLevelType
55Anti Magic5Passive
55Boost Mana5Passive
55Curse: Weakness5Active
55Expertise B3Passive
55Higher Mana Gain5Passive
55Robe Mastery5Passive
55Solar Flare5Active
55Surrender To Water5Active
55Weapon Mastery5Passive

Level 56
IconLevelSkill NameLevelType
56Aura Flare8Active
56Fast Spell Casting3Passive
56Frost Bolt8Active
56Hydro Blast8Active
56Ice Dagger8Active

Level 58
IconLevelSkill NameLevelType
58Aura Flare9Active
58Fast Mana Recovery5Passive
58Frost Bolt9Active
58Hydro Blast9Active
58Ice Dagger9Active

Level 60
IconLevelSkill NameLevelType
60Anti Magic6Passive
60Aura Bolt4Active
60Aura Flare10Active
60Boost Mana6Passive
60Clear Mind3Passive
60Curse: Weakness6Active
60Fast HP Recovery3Passive
60Freezing Shackle2Active
60Frost Bolt10Active
60Greater Concentration4Toggle
60Higher Mana Gain6Passive
60Hydro Blast10Active
60Ice Dagger10Active
60Mana Regeneration4Active
60Resist Aqua3Toggle
60Robe Mastery6Passive
60Sleeping Cloud2Active
60Solar Flare6Active
60Surrender To Water6Active
60Weapon Mastery6Passive

Level 62
IconLevelSkill NameLevelType
62Anti Magic7Passive
62Aura Bolt5Active
62Aura Flare11Active
62Curse: Weakness7Active
62Fast Mana Recovery6Passive
62Frost Bolt11Active
62Higher Mana Gain7Passive
62Hydro Blast11Active
62Ice Dagger11Active
62Robe Mastery7Passive
62Solar Flare7Active
62Surrender To Water7Active
62Weapon Mastery7Passive

Level 64
IconLevelSkill NameLevelType
64Anti Magic8Passive
64Aura Bolt6Active
64Aura Flare12Active
64Clear Mind4Passive
64Curse: Weakness8Active
64Fast Mana Recovery7Passive
64Fast Spell Casting4Passive
64Frost Bolt12Active
64Greater Concentration5Toggle
64Higher Mana Gain8Passive
64Hydro Blast12Active
64Ice Dagger12Active
64Magic Stance1Toggle
64Robe Mastery8Passive
64Sleeping Cloud3Active
64Solar Flare8Active
64Surrender To Water8Active
64Weapon Mastery8Passive

Level 66
IconLevelSkill NameLevelType
66Anti Magic9Passive
66Aura Bolt7Active
66Aura Flare13Active
66Curse: Weakness9Active
66Fast Mana Recovery8Passive
66Freezing Shackle3Active
66Frost Bolt13Active
66Higher Mana Gain9Passive
66Hydro Blast13Active
66Ice Dagger13Active
66Robe Mastery9Passive
66Solar Flare9Active
66Surrender To Water9Active
66Weapon Mastery9Passive

Level 68
IconLevelSkill NameLevelType
68Anti Magic10Passive
68Aura Bolt8Active
68Aura Flare14Active
68Clear Mind5Passive
68Curse: Weakness10Active
68Fast Mana Recovery9Passive
68Frost Bolt14Active
68Higher Mana Gain10Passive
68Hydro Blast14Active
68Ice Dagger14Active
68Mana Regeneration5Active
68Robe Mastery10Passive
68Solar Flare10Active
68Surrender To Water10Active
68Weapon Mastery10Passive

Level 70
IconLevelSkill NameLevelType
70Anti Magic11Passive
70Aura Bolt9Active
70Aura Flare15Active
70Boost Mana7Passive
70Curse: Weakness11Active
70Expertise A4Passive
70Fast Mana Recovery10Passive
70Frost Bolt15Active
70Greater Concentration6Toggle
70Higher Mana Gain11Passive
70Hydro Blast15Active
70Ice Dagger15Active
70Robe Mastery11Passive
70Sleeping Cloud4Active
70Solar Flare11Active
70Surrender To Water11Active
70Weapon Mastery11Passive

Level 72
IconLevelSkill NameLevelType
72Anti Magic12Passive
72Aura Bolt10Active
72Aura Flare16Active
72Clear Mind6Passive
72Curse: Weakness12Active
72Fast Mana Recovery11Passive
72Freezing Shackle4Active
72Frost Bolt16Active
72Higher Mana Gain12Passive
72Hydro Blast16Active
72Ice Dagger16Active
72Robe Mastery12Passive
72Solar Flare12Active
72Surrender To Water12Active
72Weapon Mastery12Passive

Level 74
IconLevelSkill NameLevelType
74Anti Magic13Passive
74Aura Bolt11Active
74Aura Flare17Active
74Curse: Weakness13Active
74Fast Mana Recovery12Passive
74Freezing Shackle5Active
74Frost Bolt17Active
74Higher Mana Gain13Passive
74Hydro Blast17Active
74Ice Dagger17Active
74Mana Regeneration6Active
74Robe Mastery13Passive
74Sleeping Cloud5Active
74Solar Flare13Active
74Surrender To Water13Active
74Weapon Mastery13Passive

Level 76
IconLevelSkill NameLevelType
76Anti Magic14Passive
76Aura Bolt12Active
76Aura Flare18Active
76Clear Mind7Passive
76Curse: Weakness14Active
76Expertise S5Passive
76Fast Mana Recovery13Passive
76Fast Spell Casting5Passive
76Freezing Shackle6Active
76Frost Bolt18Active
76Greater Concentration7Toggle
76Higher Mana Gain14Passive
76Hydro Blast18Active
76Ice Dagger18Active
76Robe Mastery14Passive
76Solar Flare14Active
76Surrender To Water14Active
76Weapon Mastery14Passive

Level 78
IconLevelSkill NameLevelType
78Anti Magic15Passive
78Arcane Agility1Toggle
78Aura Bolt13Active
78Aura Flare19Active
78Curse: Weakness15Active
78Fast Mana Recovery14Passive
78Freezing Shackle7Active
78Frost Bolt19Active
78Higher Mana Gain15Passive
78Hydro Blast19Active
78Ice Dagger19Active
78Mana Regeneration7Active
78Robe Mastery15Passive
78Solar Flare15Active
78Surrender To Water15Active
78Weapon Mastery15Passive

Level 80
IconLevelSkill NameLevelType
80Anti Magic16Passive
80Aura Bolt14Active
80Aura Flare20Active
80Boost Mana8Passive
80Clear Mind8Passive
80Curse: Weakness16Active
80Deep Freeze1Active
80Fast Mana Recovery15Passive
80Fast Spell Casting6Passive
80Freezing Shackle8Active
80Frost Bolt20Active
80Greater Concentration8Toggle
80Higher Mana Gain16Passive
80Hydro Blast20Active
80Ice Dagger20Active
80Illicit Awakening1Passive
80Mana Regeneration8Active
80Quick Recovery4Passive
80Robe Mastery16Passive
80Sleeping Cloud6Active
80Solar Flare16Active
80Surrender To Water16Active
80Weapon Mastery16Passive

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