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Chat it up on IRC

Join our wonderful Illicit Awakening IRC channel today and chat-it-up! Our IRC channel is #ia on

Channel: #ia

New to Internet Relay Chat (IRC)?

Here are some helpful Instructions

First, you will need the IRC client. mIRC is a popular client for IRC, you can download it for free.

Download mIRC: Click here to download mIRC

Download and install mIRC client.

Click "Next".

Click "Yes".

Select a location to install mIRC then Click "Install".

Please wait while mIRC is installing.

Once the installation is complete, select the check box "Launch mIRC", and then click "Finish".

Now you will enter your details and pick your Nickname. Your Nickname what others will see you as on mIRC.

Now you need to click "Add" which is found on the upper right.

Add Server, enter in both the "server description", and "IRC Server" fields with After that click "Add".

You are now ready to join our IRC network, click "Connect to server".

If you are using the Windows Firewall a message prompt might come up, just click "Unblock" so you can use mIRC.

Once it connects to the IRC server, the mIRC Favorites window will popup by default. Just enter #ia and click "Join", this will let you join our channel. If you do not want the mIRC Favorites to open on connect, just uncheck the box below.

You can also use the "Status" window. You can enter and use these commands to do the same thing. Typing /server will let you connect to the IRC server, and /join #ia lets you join the channel.

Other Options in mIRC

There are some other options in mIRC you might want to know about. Such as adding a timestamp and turning off sounds and other stuff.

To access the options menu again, click on this icon.

To add a timestamp to your chat, check the "Timestamp events".

Uncheck the "Enable sounds" box to disable sounds.

Check the "Hide ping? pong! event" box to hide the "Ping? Pong!" message that shows up in the status window.

If you still need more information you can check out the mirc website: or search on bing or google for mIRC.
You can also ask for help on our forums.

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