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These are the three primary approaches with regard to contacting the Illicit Awakening staff.

Using the forums is an easy way to post a message, other members will be able to see your post and might help answer your question. The forums are only accessible to registered users, which means you need to create an account for the forums if you have not already.

Click here to go to the fourms.

IRC is an excellent way to keep in contact with Illicit Awakening. If you are not familiar with IRC this option might be the most complex. You need an IRC client as well as the details to connect to the IRC server.

Channel: #ia

If you do not know how to connec to IRC, this guide might help you.

Webchat is the easiest method to use, all you have to do is, click on the webchat link, choose a screen name and you will be connected to our IRC channel via your web browser.

Click here to open a new window/tab for Webchat.

Our webchat enables you to access IRC from the convenience of your own web browser.

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