Illicit Awakening
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Item Name
Angel Slayer - Critical Power
Angel Slayer - Focus
Angel Slayer - Haste
Arcarna Mace - Acumen
Arcarna Mace - Health
Arcarna Mace - Mana Up
Basalt Battlehammer - Focus
Basalt Battlehammer - Health
Blazing Volcanic Powder
Blood Tornado - Focus
Blood Tornado - Haste
Bloody Orchid - Focus
Blue Crystal
Blue Seal Stone
Branch of The Mother Tree - Acumen
Branch of The Mother Tree - Health
Carnage Bow - Berserker Spirit
Carnage Bow - Quick Recovery
Damascus*Damascus - Critical Damage
Dark Legion's Edge - Critical Damage
Dark Legion's Edge - Focus
Dark Legion's Edge - Health
Dasparion's Staff - Acumen
Dasparion's Staff - Mana Up
Demon Splinter - Focus
Demon Splinter - Health
Dragon Grinder - Evasion
Dragon Grinder - Guidance
Dragon Grinder - Health
Dragon Slayer - Critical Damage
Dragon Slayer - Health
Elemental Sword - Empower
Elven Earring
Elven Necklace
Elven Ring
Forgotten Blade - Focus
Forgotten Blade - Haste
Forgotten Blade - Health
Great Sword - Health
Greater Healing Potion
Green Crystal
Green Seal Stone
Halberd - Haste
Haste Potion
Healing Potion
Heavens Divider - Focus
Heavens Divider - Haste
Heavens Divider - Health
Homunkulus's Sword - Acumen
Imperial Staff - Empower
Keshanberk*Damascus - Health
Keshanberk*Keshanberk - Guidance
Lesser Healing Potion
Magic Powder
Material: S Grade
Meteor Shower - Haste
Near Forest Necklace
Potion of Alacrity
Recipe: Refined Warsmith Holder
Red Crystal
Red Seal Stone
Red Sunset Staff
Red Sunset Sword
Saint Spear - Guidance
Saint Spear - Haste
Saint Spear - Health
Scroll: Enchant Armor (Grade C)
Scroll: Enchant Weapon (Grade C)
Shining Bow - Focus
Shining Bow - Might
Soul Bow - Health
Soul Bow - Might
Soul Bow - Quick Recovery
Soul Separator - Guidance
Soul Separator - Haste
Soulshot: No Grade
Spiritshot: No Grade
Sword of Miracles - Acumen
Tallum Blade - Haste
Tallum Glaive - Guidance
Tallum Glaive - Haste
Tallum Glaive - Health
Tears of Eva
Willow Staff
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